Premium Wrist and Thumb Splints

Premium Wrist and Thumb Splints


  • De Quervain’s Syndrome
  • Gamekeeper’s Thumb
  • Carpometacarpal instabilities
  • Highlights:

  • Hook straps w/ D-ring closures
  • Adjustable thumb stay
  • Malleable palmar stay
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Part # Size
CK-703-1-L X-Small Left (4.5”-5.5” wrist)
CK-703-1-L X-Small Right (4.5”-5.5” wrist)
CK-703-2-L Small Left (5.5”-6.5” wrist)
CK-703-2-R Small Right (5.5”-6.5” wrist)
CK-703-3-L Medium Left (6.5”-7.5” wrist)
CK-703-3-R Medium Right (6.5”-7.5” wrist)
CK-703-4-L Large Left (7.5”-8.5” wrist)
CK-703-4-R Large Right (7.5”-8.5” wrist
CK-703-5-L X-Large Left (8.5”-10” wrist)
CK-703-5-R X-Large Right (8.5”-10” wrist)


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