PakBack Spinal Brace

PakBack Spinal Brace

    Features include:

  • Gel Pack can be used for hot or cold therapy with or without posterior panel
  • Reduces load on intervertebral discs which assist in pain relief
  • Rigid anterior panel creates true hydrostatic lift or lower abdominal muscles
  • Ergonomic design creates better fit and greater comfort
  • Reduces the need for pain medication, tranquilizers and steroids
  • Open back eliminates pressure on sensitive areas for post-operative protection
  • Allows patients to maintain a better quality of life
  • Indications:

  • Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Spondylosis
  • Post Operative Rehabilitation
  • Herniated Disc
  • Post Injection Treatment
  • Facet Joint Syndrome (Arthritis)
  • Chronic Back Pain
  • Stenosis (compression of spinal roots)
  • Radiculopathy / Radiculitus

Measurement circumference in inches around pelvis (Iliac crest) and through navel.

Custom braces can be made for patients whose measurements fall outside the above ranges.


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Designed for post-operative support and control of unwanted flexion and extension.

The PAKback Lumbar Sacral Orthosis represents the next generation in rehabilitative support. The PAKback Back Brace is a non-narcotic/non-surgical alternative for treating patients with moderate to severe low back pain. The use of anterior, posterior and sagittal panels create intracavitary pressure to unload the lumbar discs. The removable gel pack can be used as heat therapy for chronic pain and cold therapy for acute pain.

Sizing Inches
Small 24-28”
Medium 29-33”
Large 34-39”
XL 40-44”
2XL 45-49”
3XL 50-55”
4XL 56-60”


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