WestMed Announces Partnership With Aria Diagnostics, Offering Their Clients a Trusted Laboratory Service Provider

INDIANAPOLIS,  April  27th,  2017— WestMed, LLC, an accredited provider of top‐quality orthopedic rehabilitation and wound care products has partnered with ARIA Diagnostics, an independent clinical chemistry laboratory specializing in urine toxicology. This partnership brings together two locally‐owned, central Indiana companies, each with a strong focus on customer care. The agreement will allow WestMed to directly offer the robust and cost‐effective drug‐testing services from Aria Diagnostics as an additional tool to their clients. With the ield of laboratory testing becoming larger and more complex, and at a time when the reimbursement environment has become more challenging, high‐quality customer service is more important than ever. As two customer‐oriented organizations, this partnership will enable WestMed to provide its clients with a trusted laboratory service that can meet their drug‐testing needs. Craige Westover, President of WestMed LLC, said he appreciates that “Aria Diagnostics runs a low‐overhead and efficient operation which shares the same customer‐service values that we abide by. I am pleased by the opportunity to offer such reliable testing to our physicians and their patients”.

About  ARIA  Diagnostics ARIA

ARIA  Diagnostics ARIA (Advanced Response ImmunoAssay) Diagnostics is a high‐complexity, CLIA‐certiied, CAP‐accredited diagnostic laboratory located near Zionsville in Indianapolis. ARIA’s mission is to provide efficient and accurate drug testing results using in‐house developed and validated methodologies designed to detect prescription narcotics, opiates/opioids, sedatives, gabapentanoids, antipsychotics/antidepressants, stimulants, and drugs of abuse. Using the latest technology, ARIA Diagnostics efficiently produces high‐quality drug testing results both regionally and nationally.

About  WestMed  LLC

WestMed LLC is a provider of top‐quality orthopedic rehabilitation and wound care products and is accredited with Exemplary Provider status by The Compliance Team, a nationally recognized healthcare accreditation organization. Their products are used by orthopedic specialists, primary care physicians, surgeons, pain management specialists, physical therapists, athletic trainers and chiropractors to treat patients suffering from musculoskeletal conditions, trauma, injury, degenerative diseases and more. WestMed’s mission is to serve physicians and their patients by providing a variety of high‐quality medical products that are dedicated to improving people’s lives, reducing pain without the use of drugs and getting patients back on their feet

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